Volcanic Ash Cloud Update

Added 24/05/2011

The volcano in Iceland that erupted over the weekend could cause serious disruption if it spreads across the UK. Due to changing wind conditions, the Met Office has said that it is difficult to predict whether the ash cloud will spread to other parts of the UK.

If you think that you might be affected by the ash cloud contact your airline, travel agent or the airport that you are due to fly from for the latest travel information. If unfortunately your flight is cancelled, the airline should offer you either a full refund of your unused ticket or an alternative flight. EU based airlines are required to offer you accommodation and meals if you are delayed in getting home to the UK.

The CAA have said that they will give permission for airlines to fly in medium to high density ash as long as they have completed sufficient risk assessments, this will hopefully reduce the number of cancelled or delayed flights.

If you are departing on a flight this week, it is advisable to keep up to date with the volcanic ash situation, for the latest volcanic ash information visit the FCO website.