Hurricane Beryl

Added 05/07/2024

This year’s hurricane season is well and truly underway, with parts of the Caribbean and Canada recovering from Hurricane Fiona last week. Now, Hurricane Beryl is regaining strength and heading towards the popular Mexican tourist resort of Tulum.

Important Notice for British Travelers

An alert has been issued to British holidaymakers in Mexico or those planning to travel there as Hurricane Beryl approaches. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises:

  • You should closely monitor local and international weather updates from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) and follow the advice of local authorities and/or your tour operator, including any evacuation orders.
  • The FCDO also publishes advice on what to do if you are caught up in a tropical cyclone, typhoon, or hurricane. If you have a holiday planned to an area affected by hurricanes, it is a good idea to read this advice before you travel.


Current Situation: Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl, currently at the very top end of a Category 2 storm, is tearing toward the popular Mexican tourist resort Tulum with 110mph (175km/h) winds and a dangerous storm surge. The region will see life-threatening winds, up to six feet of storm surge, and up to ten inches of rainfall, the National Hurricane Center has forecast.

Beryl will then bring dangerous rip currents to the Gulf Coast over the weekend before likely hitting southern Texas on Monday.

Travel Insurance and Natural Catastrophe Cover

If you are concerned about future hurricanes affecting your destination and your holiday isn't part of a package, you can add Natural Catastrophe Cover to your travel insurance for extra financial protection

Natural Catastrophe Cover provides additional cover for cancellation and additional expenses incurred as a result of an unforeseen catastrophic natural event, including hurricanes, storms, fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, explosion, or volcanic eruption, which is unknown and unforeseen at the time you purchase your insurance or book your holiday.

If a natural catastrophe occurs before you travel:

Our optional cover provides cancellation cover up to £1500 per person if any part of your outward, onward, return journey, or whole trip is cancelled due to a natural catastrophe.

If a natural catastrophe occurs while you are away:

Our Natural Catastrophe Cover provides cover for additional expenses to enable you to return home, up to £150 per day (£1500 in total) per person. This includes accommodation (room only) and transport costs (if the public transport you are booked on is cancelled or delayed as a result of a catastrophic natural event and an alternative is not provided within 24 hours).

Please note: Cover does not apply if your holiday forms part of a tour operator's package. In this instance it is the responsibility of your tour operator to look after you and get you home.

Natural Catastrophe Cover can be added to any of our Silver, Gold, Platinum or Cruise Specific policies.

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