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New baggage claim tunnels at Heathrow get thumbs up for safety

The construction of an underground baggage system is well underway at Heathrow Airport, and the project has been praised for its safety record.

Added: 30/06/2010

More tourists are taking a holiday in Singapore thanks to casinos

New casinos have been cropping up in Singapore which has led to an influx of tourists visiting the region.

Added: 29/06/2010

Woman suffers seasickness for nearly ten years

A woman has been suffering from seasickness for nearly ten years after a holiday in Spain left her with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.

Added: 28/06/2010

Travellers struck down by food poisoning at a hotel in Sharm el Sheikh

More than 80 travellers are suing First Choice after they suffered from food poisoning after eating at a hotel in Sharm el Sheikh.

Added: 25/06/2010

Abu Dhabi is hot on sport tourism

Abu Dhabi has been promoting itself as a place to experience sport tourism and demonstrate their culture at the same time.

Added: 24/06/2010

Stockholm - the green capital of Europe

Stockholm is said to be the greenest capital in Europe, thanks to their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the city.

Added: 23/06/2010

People with diabetes could suffer more in the hot summer sun

Diabetics should take extra care in the hot summer months. Check blood glucose levels regularly and drink plenty of water.

Added: 22/06/2010

Rough Guide to Accessible Britain free to Blue Badge holders

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain showcases venues around the UK that cater for disabled people. And it's free to Blue Badge holders.

Added: 21/06/2010

Voyages of Discovery cruises offer creative entertainment

Voyages of Discovery is introducing craft lessons to their winter 2010/11 cruises. Passenger can take part in watercolour and sewing classes.

Added: 18/06/2010

Take part in a unique Trek Peru trip for Breast Cancer Care

Denise Van Outen and Fearne Cotton are gearing up to walk the Inca trail in aid of Breast Cancer Care, and you could follow in their footsteps!

Added: 17/06/2010

Diabetes care in Britain isn't up to scratch

The National Diabetes Audit has revealed that diabetes care in the UK is well below standard.

Added: 16/06/2010

Costa Rican stem cell treatment facility ordered to stop treatments

A Costa Rican medical facility has been ordered to cease their stem cell treatment as there is no proof of its effectiveness or that it is safe.

Added: 15/06/2010

Africa's Great Migration could be affected by new road

Plans to build a new road through the Serengeti could have an effect on the Great Migration.

Added: 14/06/2010

Tourists risk their lives to see Guatemala volcano

Tourists are paying 87p to risk their lives to get a close look at Pacaya, the Guatemala volcano that erupted in May.

Added: 11/06/2010

Can a sea sponge improve breast cancer survival rates?

A new drug called eribulin that is made from extract of a sea sponge, has been proven to prolong the life of women with advanced breast cancer.

Added: 10/06/2010

New Boeing Dreamliner offers a promise of green travel

The new Boeing Dreamliner will be launched later this year. The aircraft was built with green travel in mind and will have low CO2 emissions.

Added: 09/06/2010

Is wildlife tourism helping or hindering the tigers in India?

Some believe that wildlife tourism is affecting the population. But tigers face greater threats such as poaching and habitat destruction.

Added: 07/06/2010

Swan Hellenic cruise to Iceland explores the power of volcanoes

The Sagas of Ice and Fire Swan Hellenic cruise explores Iceland and the growing fascination with volcanology.

Added: 04/06/2010

Longevity medical spa opens in the Algarve

A new medical spa has opened in the Algarve called Longevity. The resort promotes Preventive Medicine and Ageing Management

Added: 03/06/2010

Holiday in South Africa during the World Cup

Things to do in South Africa other than the World Cup. If you are going to the World Cup, why not make a holiday of it.

Added: 02/06/2010

Male skin cancer deaths on the up

Male skin cancer deaths have doubled over the last 30 years. Men, and women, are reminded to stay safe in the sun when they're on holiday.

Added: 01/06/2010

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