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British Asian kidney patients suffer surgical complications in Pakistan

British Asian kidney patients risk their lives by buying kidneys in Pakistan for transplantation, where the sale of kidneys is legal.

Added: 31/08/2010

Donation from BP helped tourism in Florida stay afloat

Florida tourism has benefited from $32 million donated by BP during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which helped to attract foreign visitors.

Added: 27/08/2010

EasyJet criticised over wheelchair travel allowance

A traveller with muscular dystrophy was denied boarding on an easyJet flight because her wheelchair was too heavy and it posed a safety risk.

Added: 26/08/2010

New enzyme pill could prevent jet lag

Jet lag could be a thing of the past thanks to a new enzyme pill that is currently being tested.

Added: 25/08/2010

Heathrow Airport terminals to offer best of British

Between 26 August and 12 September, Heathrow Airport will be offering the best of British in its restaurants, cafes and bars.

Added: 24/08/2010

British Airways relaxes seating policy for men to avoid discrimination

British Airways has relaxed its seating policy preventing adult men from sitting next to unaccompanied minors to avoid discrimination.

Added: 23/08/2010

Paralysed bride thought her Corfu holiday would be covered by her EHIC

A British woman who fell from her hotel balcony in Corfu thought her EHIC would cover her completely. But the EHIC does not cover repatriation costs.

Added: 20/08/2010

First ever Lonely Planet Awards announced

The first Lonely Planet Awards have been announced. The Trans-Siberian Railway and the carnival in Rio de Janeiro are among the winners.

Added: 19/08/2010

Medical tourism in India and Pakistan responsible for spread of NDM-1

The NDM-1 enzyme was brought into the UK by travellers that received medical treatment in India and Pakistan, and it poses a global health threat.

Added: 18/08/2010

UK airports saved from strike action

Strikes planned for six UK airports have been cancelled after Unite and BAA entered lengthy talks yesterday over a measly pay offer.

Added: 17/08/2010

Deficiency of 'sunshine vitamin' linked to serious health issues

A deficiency of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, has been linked to serious health issues including heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

Added: 16/08/2010

Workers at six UK airports vote for strike action

BAA workers have voted to take industrial action in response to a measly pay offer, which could result in the closure of six UK airports.

Added: 13/08/2010

Three disabled walkers climb Mount Kilimajaro

Three amputees have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on prosthetic limbs for the Warfighter Sports Challenge.

Added: 12/08/2010

The new light and airy Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez opens on the Cote D'Azur

The Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez has opened on the Cote D'Azur, offering the ultimate luxurious stay in France.

Added: 11/08/2010

FCO advises Britons to be wary of travelling to Russia

The Foreign Office has advised British travellers to be wary of travelling to Russia due to the presence of thick smog and searing temperatures.

Added: 10/08/2010

Budget hotel chain Tune is set to make its debut in London

Tune is opening its first budget hotel in London on 30 August, offering rooms from as little as £35 a night.

Added: 09/08/2010

How to beat the crowds on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Take a holiday in Zadar on the Dalmatian Coast to enjoy a more relaxing, historical side of Croatia.

Added: 06/08/2010

21 new sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

21 new sites have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, bringing the total to 911 sites around the world.

Added: 05/08/2010

Air strikes in August could disrupt your holiday in Spain

Air traffic controllers in Spain will be staging a strike in August, which could affect thousands of travellers going on holiday to Spain.

Added: 04/08/2010

Skin cancer conscious Brits reach for high factor sun cream

More Brits are reaching for higher factor sun cream to prevent skin cancer in the hot summer sun.

Added: 03/08/2010

Malaysia marked as green tourist destination

Malaysia has launched a campaign to become a green tourist destination. With the help of the initiative, they hope to attract more visitors.

Added: 02/08/2010

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