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Tourism Authority of Thailand criticises FCO Travel Advice

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has criticised the FCO’s travel advice advising Britons against travelling to the whole of Thailand.

Added: 30/04/2010

Wheelchair Athlete denied boarding on Eastern Airways Flight

A wheelchair athlete was denied boarding on an Eastern Airways flight because he couldn't walk. Richie Powell had to book an alternative flight.

Added: 30/04/2010

Eco-friendly Holiday Resort in Mexico

A resort in Mexico is striving to be the most eco-friendly resort in the world by recycling and using alternative energy.

Added: 29/04/2010

FCO advise against all but essential travel to Thailand

Political unrest has spread to other parts of Thailand. The FCO is advising against all but essential travel to Thailand.

Added: 28/04/2010

HIV Sufferers are no longer restricted from travelling to China

Chinese authorities have lifted the ban on travellers entering the country if they have HIV, AIDS or leprosy.

Added: 28/04/2010

Stranded Tourists transported back to Britain on Luxury Liner

British tourists stranded in Spain were transported back to Britain on the Celebrity Eclipse, a brand new luxury cruise liner.

Added: 27/04/2010

Tourism in Thailand continues to be knocked by Red Shirts

The Thai tourist industry is continuing to be affect by the political unrest in Bangkok.

Added: 27/04/2010

Tourism in Sri Lanka is on the up

Tourists are flocking to Sri Lanka. New improved holiday resorts, wildlife spotting, Sri Lankan cuisine, mild climate etc.

Added: 26/04/2010

Biometric Passports and Self-Service Border Crossings

Biometric passports make border crossings quicker by allowing the passport holder to complete a self-service crossing.

Added: 19/04/2010

New Arrivals Hall planned for Bournemouth Airport

Plans are in place for a new, eco-friendly arrivals hall at Bournemouth Airport. The hall will cut down on CO2 emissions and make use of solar energy.

Added: 19/04/2010

5 Great Ideas for a Fantastic Eco-Friendly Holiday

French earthship, Borneo Highlands resort, Kerala houseboats, Yuva Holiday Centre in Turkey and Portugal's Boom Festival.

Added: 16/04/2010

Rioting Red Shirts affect Tourism in Thailand

Due to the recent political unrest in Thailand, travellers are looking to other Indonesian countries for their holidays.

Added: 15/04/2010

Heightened security measures on America-bound flights

Advising passengers travelling to the USA about increased security at UK airports

Added: 14/04/2010

Help the Aged and Age Concern have Merged to Form Age UK

Information about Help the Aged and Age Concern merging, travel insurance for over 65s

Added: 14/04/2010

New Cruise Ship launched in Britain

The launch of the new cruise ship Azura. Facilities onboard, cabins, entertainment, bars, adults-only lounge etc. Largest P&O cruise ship.

Added: 13/04/2010

CruiseDeals hits high street shops

CruiseDeals has opened cruise lounges in high street shops to meet the demands of the growing cruise ship industry.

Added: 12/04/2010

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