Tourism in Sri Lanka is on the up

Added 26/04/2010

Tropical beach

This summer could be the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka, with tourism hitting an all time high on the island. Tourist figures look set to increase over the coming years - visit the island this year to beat the forthcoming crowds.

The end of civil conflict that ravaged Sri Lanka for a decade has resulted in a rise in visitors. Reconstruction of the island’s amenities in the wake of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami has also been completed, making Sri Lanka more visitor friendly.

Holiday accommodation is getting a revamp and new hotels are cropping up to meet the demands of the boom.

Colombo’s port, with shipping lanes between Europe, the Middle East and China, is also set for an overhaul.

In March, tourism rose by 50% compared to last year’s figures, and it’s thought the increase will continue to spiral.

Sri Lanka is delighted by the number of visitors supporting their tourist industry, but the country will need to continue to improve their facilities if they are to support the increase in tourists.

In spite of Sri Lanka’s growing popularity, holiday packages and hotel rates are still affordable. Some holiday providers offer a weeklong, half-board package including flights for under £500. But who knows how long the prices will stay low.

Sri Lanka has a range of accommodation available, from rustic beach huts and eco lodges to all inclusive luxury spa resorts and honeymoon retreats.

The wildlife in Sri Lanka is stunning and the island boasts many national parks and wetland areas. It’s possible to spot leopards, elephants and sloth bears, as well as a range of beautiful butterflies, colourful dragonflies and tropical birds.

Sri Lankan cuisine consists of rice, spicy curry and fish, and plentiful supplies of fresh fruit. The island is also one of the biggest producers of tea, which is usually drunk sweet, with or without milk.

With its close proximity to the equator, Sri Lanka benefits from a warm climate throughout the year. The island is lined with stunning sandy beaches and warm sea water that is like stepping into a bath - it’s an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, ask your GP about travel vaccinations and anti-malarials, as malaria is a problem throughout the country. As with any holiday, make sure you buy travel insurance to cover you and your belongings.