Survey reveals that Riga offers cheapest hotel rates for holidaymakers

Added 08/10/2010

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A recent survey conducted by has revealed that the Latvian capital of Riga offers the cheapest hotel rates. The average price of a hotel room in Riga is £52. Bangkok, Warsaw and Budapest also offered similar value.

So Riga offers the cheapest hotel rates, but what does the city have to offer? It might not be the first city that springs to mind when you’re looking to book a city break, but there’s lots to see and do. Riga itself is steeped in history and packed with picturesque buildings, while the surrounding, unspoilt countryside is rich in nature parks, lakes and forests.

Riga’s old town has been made a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town square is a great place to start exploring — the town hall and the House of Blackheads are particularly stunning. The old town is also the perfect starting point to look for hotel accommodation. To get an overview of the city, take the lift to the top of the tower of St Peter’s Church.

Classical music lovers can indulge in the concerts held by the Latvian National Opera Company. Some of the performances are staged in the churches in the old town.

To get an insight into the recent history of Latvia, the Museum of Occupations in Riga is well worth a visit. Learn of the struggles that Latvians faced during the Second World War through a compilation of information boards, videos and exhibits.

Once you’ve explored the old town, take a look at the Radio and TV Tower. The tower is an impressive shard of architecture that pierces the sky. The structure was completed in 1986, and it remains the tallest structure in the Baltic countries at 1,209 feet.

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