More People are searching for Holidays in Cuba since New Regulation

Added 06/05/2010

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A new regulation was launched on May 1 that states all travellers taking holidays in Cuba must have medical travel insurance cover to enter the country.

The new ruling is a positive move, as travel insurance can prevent holidaymakers from having to pay large sums of money for medical treatment in the event of an accident or medical emergency. Medical treatment abroad can cost thousands of pounds.

All travellers must present their travel insurance documents upon arrival in Cuba, so make sure you have them to hand when you land.

According to Cheapflights UK, the move has sparked an interest in people searching for holidays in Cuba. It seems the announcement of the new regulation has actually promoted tourism in Cuba.

Tourism in Cuba has boomed in recent years, allowing the island to catch up with other popular Caribbean destinations. This is partly due to regeneration projects and new buildings cropping up all over the island.

Cuba is an island of sun, sand and sea, delicious local food, authentic culture and fantastic snorkelling hotspots. Cuban cuisine has Spanish, African and Caribbean influences. Rice and beans are the main elements of Cuban dishes, accompanied by meat or vegetables. Spices are added to food but they’re not as hot as those found in other parts of the Caribbean. The Cuban Mojito is a classic alcoholic beverage made from rum, lime and mint - the perfect drink for a warm evening.

Havana, the capital, is a vibrant city, with vintage American cars, rustic buildings and colonial features lining the streets. The city is authentic, with a delightfully un-touristy feel to it.

Cuba is blessed with many white sand, palm-fringed beaches. Rich coral reefs are abundant with tropical sea life, making snorkelling or scuba diving a must for anyone taking a holiday in Cuba.

Ecotourism has taken off on the island, and there are many hotels and tour operators offering eco-friendly holidays in Cuba. The island has a rich array of tropical flora and fauna - Cuba is home to the smallest frog in the world and a variety of unusual multi-coloured snails.

Holidays in Cuba can be taken all year round due to the island’s warm Caribbean climate, but the main months to avoid are October and November; the hurricane season.

If you are planning a trip to Cuba, make sure you buy travel insurance. Having adequate medical travel insurance when you travel abroad, whether it’s to Cuba or anywhere else in the world, is essential. Travel insurance to cover potential medical treatment can save you thousands of pounds.

If you have a pre existing medical condition, you will need to declare it when you buy your travel insurance policy. specialises in providing travel insurance for people with pre existing medical conditions.

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