Depression awareness week: Does travel insurance cover depression?

Added 23/04/2012

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In Depression awareness week (22-28 April) we’re talking about depression travel insurance and highlighting the importance of declaring depression or other mental health conditions when you buy travel insurance.

Depression Awareness Week is organised by the Depression Alliance and is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and try to end the stigma associated with depression.

There are 2 key events to look out for which have been organised for Depression Awareness Week, Comedy for Depression on Monday 23rd April and In Comes the Black Dog which is a new art exhibition and charity auction at the Underdog Gallery in London.

In Depression Awareness Week, it is appropriate to highlight depression and other mental health conditions with regards to travel insurance cover.

In the past many travel insurance providers have specifically excluded depression and other mental health conditions from cover. This is no longer case. is proud to be able to offer travel insurance cover for depression and all types of mental health conditions, up to a high level of severity.

If you do suffer from depression, it’s very important to declare your depression when you buy travel insurance so that you are properly covered in the event that you need to cancel your holiday due to illness, or you require medical treatment whilst you are on holiday.

But don’t worry, declaring that you suffer from depression when you buy travel insurance is easy and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the price of your travel insurance will go up.

For instance, there is no additional premium to cover depression for a 25 year old who is taking medication and has been treated by a psychiatrist, but who hasn’t had any hospital admissions for depression or been forced to cancel or cut short a previous trip due to depression.

We firmly believe that everyone should be able to travel with the peace of mind that they have travel insurance cover in place with cover for their medical conditions, including depression which is why our travel insurance cover doesn’t draw a distinction between depression and mental health conditions and any other type of medical condition.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise British nationals to buy travel insurance every time they travel abroad whether the trip is for a few days or a few months. To ensure that you are properly covered remember to declare your depression when you buy travel insurance for your trip.

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