Brits should be well prepared if they plan to spend Christmas abroad

Added 25/11/2010

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Christmas is only a month away, and many Britons will be spending Christmas abroad to visit friends and family or simply to escape the cold weather in the UK. If you are going to enjoy Christmas abroad, make sure that you are well prepared for your trip.

Buy comprehensive travel insurance for your trip and check the policy wording carefully so that you know what you will be covered for. If you are taking Christmas presents abroad, check that your travel insurance covers them — certain things might not be covered, such as breakable items. Travel insurance can protect gifts you take with you and any gifts that you wish to bring home.

Some travellers can make the mistake of forgetting to buy travel insurance when they spend Christmas abroad, particularly if they are visiting family in a home from home environment. You will still need travel insurance, even if you have lived in the country before. Christmas is a time to be jolly, but remember that your travel insurance may become invalid if you have an accident after you’ve had a few festive drinks.

If you are visiting a country that you know well, or one that you may have lived in previously, do some research to ensure it is still safe to visit. Climatic and political situations can change dramatically and quickly. Visit the Foreign Office’s travel advice by country page for up to date information on natural or terrorist threats. They update their website regularly to reflect the current situation in a country.

If you aren’t visiting friends and family, you might want to stay in a hotel when you spend Christmas abroad. Book your hotel room well in advance to avoid disappointed. If you have any special requirements, such as the need for disabled facilities, make sure you let the hotel know before you book to make sure they can accommodate you.

Spending Christmas abroad can be a fantastic, magical experience. Many countries host spectacular Christmas markets or traditional reindeer sleigh rides to get you in a festive mood. And if you travel south of the equator, you could enjoy a BBQ on a beach for a different take on Christmas dinner!

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