Volcanic Ash - Travel Insurance Cover Update

Added 24/05/2011

If you think that your journey might be affected by the ash cloud you should contact your airline, travel agent or the airport for the latest travel information.

Travel insurance cover for delays and cancellations due to volcanic ash

If your flight is cancelled, the airline should offer you either a full refund of your unused ticket or an alternative flight. EU based airlines are also required to offer you accommodation and meals if you are delayed in getting home to the UK. You should contact your airline or tour operator for details.

There is no cover under goodtogoinsurance.com policies for cancellations due to the ash cloud, as this should be covered by your airline, as detailed above.

If you flight is delayed due to the ash cloud, the underwriter will consider claims on an individual basis in line with the terms and conditions of the policy.

If your trip is cancelled by the provider and there are no outstanding claims on the policy, customers can transfer their single trip insurance to a new trip at no extra charge (bar additional premium if destination or duration changes) provided the policy transfer is made within 31 days.

If you are stuck abroad and delayed returning, your insurance will be automatically extended at no extra charge until you can get the first flight home, meaning that you will continue to be covered for emergency medical expenses etc. until you are able to return home.