Visit New England to witness spectacular autumn colours

Added 20/10/2010

With autumn on our doorsteps, the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees. New England in northern USA is famously beautiful in the autumn. In New England the trees become a rainbow of red, gold, orange and brown. Stark white churches surrounded by golden foliage are iconic images of New England.

Some of the best places to see New England’s autumn colours are in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. A great way to enjoy autumn in these regions is to go walking or cycling through the countryside.

Maine offers varied landscapes of forests, mountains and lakes. In Maine, you could enjoy apple picking in a local cider press, or perhaps a spot of fly fishing. Maine also has an abundance of antiques, so allow some time to browse.

The state of Massachusetts has some great walking trails to explore. The Mohawk Trail, the Quabbin Reservoir and the Southern Pass all offer great walks to enjoy New England’s autumn leaves.

In New Hampshire, view the New England colours from the summit of Mount Washington, which can be reached by car or railway. Enjoy the many farmers’ markets and agricultural fairs throughout New Hampshire.

Rhode Island is a great destination for keen cyclists with 100 miles of bike paths to choose from, some of which pass through beautiful forests. Nature walks are rich in bird life, and there are many water sports and boat tours to enjoy.

In Vermont, take the lift up Battle Monument or drive to the top of Mount Equinox for great views of New England. Vermont is an ideal destination for wildlife watching, where bears and deer roam and eagles soar through the sky.

Wherever you decide to travel to experience New England in autumn, be sure to plan your trip to make the most of the season. Find out when the trees will be at their most vibrant in your chosen destination.

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