Do you tip enough when on holiday?

Added 04/05/2011

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In a recent survey by TripAdvisor over 6,000 people from five different countries were quizzed on their knowledge of tipping when abroad. Embarrassingly 60% of Britons had no idea about how much to tip in foreign countries, whilst our European neighbours did better with 55% knowing what was expected. Italy ranked the highest as they showed the most confidence of how much to tip whilst abroad.

The rules for tipping in some countries is constantly changing, in some countries its common practice whilst in others it just isn’t seen as necessary. Did you know that tipping in Japan is seen as an insult? And that the majority of European hotels and restaurants already add gratuity to your bill?

If you find tipping when away on holiday a bit too confusing have a look at the below general tipping information:

Asia and the Pacific: Best thing to do is observe what the locals are doing and follow suit, some countries in Asia may take your kind gesture as an insult. If you are unsure it might be best not to leave a tip.

Europe: In most cases a service charge will already be added to your bill, therefore it won’t be necessary to leave a further tip. If you notice that no service charge has been added 10% gratuity is a general rule.

Middle East/Africa: In this part of the world tipping is seen as being unnecessary, however if you do wish to tip, small amounts will be appreciated more than large sums.

Central/South America: Most hotels and restaurants will already add a service charge to a bill, however really good service is generally rewarded with an additional 10%.

If you are looking for further travel advice the FCO is a great place to start.