5 Great Ideas for a Fantastic Eco-Friendly Holiday

Added 16/04/2010

Paper airplane

Climate change has affected the way many people travel, and more and more people are looking for alternative, ’green’ holidays.

Volunteering abroad can be a fascinating and memorable experience, and it gives you the chance to give something back to nature. There are many conservation projects out there, so spend some time researching to find the right one for you.

There are many options worldwide for environmentally conscious travellers. You might consider staying in a Mongolian-style yurt in Portugal or a tree house in France. And instead of taking the bus, why not hire a bicycle?

Here are 5 great ideas for a fantastic eco-friendly holiday:

  • An earthship cottage in France, the first of its kind in Europe, is a great base for an eco-friendly holiday. The earthship is self-sufficient, with a completely off-grid infrastructure. It was constructed using traditional materials, it uses solar power and the toilet is run on recycled water.
  • For the ultimate luxury, the Highlands Resort in Borneo is a delightful place to unwind in a natural setting. Their onsite restaurant uses organic produce and they promote eco-friendly activities such as trekking and cycling.
  • In the Backwaters of Kerala, India, houseboats were once used for transportation. Now the houseboats have been revamped for the 21st century, offering tourists remarkable accommodation and transport whilst remaining eco-friendly. The Kerala houseboats produce some of their own electricity, they promote paperless communication and they have organic food on offer.
  • Yuva Eco Holiday Centre on Turkey’s spectacular Turquoise Coast has everything you need for a relaxing beach holiday. The centre was built using natural materials, its water supply comes straight from the surrounding mountains, it grows organic produce onsite and it uses solar energy to produce hot water. They also recycle and compost waste as much as they can.
  • If you want to surround yourself by other eco-friendly travellers, Portugal’s annual Boom Festival might be well worth a visit. Celebrating all things green, the festival is powered by recycled fuel and it uses sustainable materials and composting toilets. This year the festival is taking place on 18th-26th August.

Green travel is more environmentally friendly and it can also present you with an unforgettable holiday in a stunning, natural setting.