Going on Holiday with a Pre Existing Medical Condition

The most important thing if you are travelling with a medical condition is to get travel insurance with cover for that condition.

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Going on holiday is all about enjoying yourself, and there's no reason why you should let a pre existing medical condition stop you. Having a medical condition just means you might need to allow time for a little extra preparation before you leave.

Whether you have a disability, a mental health issue or you suffer from a serious illness, there are steps you can take to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

Here are some top tips to travelling with a pre existing medical condition:

  • Get travel insurance and declare your illness when you purchase it - goodtogoinsurance.com can cover travellers with almost any pre-existing medical condition, including cancer, heart disease, epilepsy and many more
  • Visit your doctor before you book your holiday - they will know if you are fit to travel
  • Consider how hot and cold weather or high altitudes might affect your medical condition
  • Find out if you need vaccinations for the country you are visiting and if they will affect any medication you are taking
  • Get a doctor's note for medicine and syringes
  • Take enough medication to last your whole trip, and spares in the event of flight delays
  • Carry all of your medicine in your hand luggage in case your hold luggage gets lost
  • Contact your airline before you book to inform them of any special requirements you may need for travel
  • Contact your hotel before you book to make sure it meets your needs. Does the hotel have steep steps leading up to it? Is the hotel on a hill? Is there a ground floor bedroom available?
  • Allow extra time to check in at the airport if you get tired easily
  • Make a note of the nearest hospital and emergency telephone numbers at your destination
  • Wear a medical ID bracelet in case of emergencies

Your pre existing medical condition might be a big part of your life, but there is no reason why it should stop you from going on holiday. Allow plenty of time to prepare and choose the right destination to meet your needs.