Travelling with Alzheimer's

Holidays can be a breath of fresh air, a break from routine and the perfect way to relax. If you have dementia, it needn't stop you from travelling. Take a friend with you, or you might want your carer by your side to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

Take time to consider what type of holiday would suit you best. A holiday destination that is far removed from your life at home can be confusing for someone suffering from Alzheimer's. Get the right balance to suit your own needs and you will be sure to have a wonderful time.

Here are a few tips to enjoying the perfect holiday if you have Alzheimer's:

  • Buy comprehensive travel insurance - can cover you if you suffer from Alzheimer's. Just make sure you declare your condition when you book
  • If you are taking a carer with you, can provide their travel insurance too
  • If you have friends and family abroad, consider staying with them so there are more people to share the responsibilities with. Friends and family can also give your carer a break from time to time
  • If you wish to book a package holiday, contact the holiday company to find out if all aspects of the holiday are suitable for a traveller with Alzheimer's
  • Specialist providers can arrange a holiday that is right for you AND your carer. Help can be arranged to allow the carer to take some time off
  • Some airlines insist that dementia sufferers are accompanied by a carer or companion, while others can provide an escort if you plan to travel alone - contact your airline for information before you book your flights
  • Plan early and make a list of things to take so that you can refer to it at a later date if necessary
  • Label your luggage with your name, home address, destination address and telephone number in case you misplace it
  • Consider booking out of season when hotels and resorts are less crowded
  • Choose small resorts as they will be less overwhelming and it will be quicker to adapt to your new surroundings
  • Contact your chosen hotel before you book to inform them of your condition and gauge if it is the right accommodation choice for you
  • Book a hotel room with en suite facilities and lock your door at night to stop you from wandering around and becoming confused
  • Carry medication in your hand luggage and check that the airline and hotel have the facilities to refrigerate it if needed
  • Consider wearing a Medic-alert bracelet just in case you become separated from your carer