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Arthritis Travel Insurance

Travel insurance with cover for all types of arthritis

Goodtogoinsurance.com provides single trip and annual travel insurance to people living with arthritis. Our travel insurance policies can provide cover for all types of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, septic arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

We can also cover your travelling companions on the same travel insurance policy which means that they will have travel insurance cover in place if the trip has to be cancelled due to your arthritis or other pre existing medical conditions.

  • Travel insurance cover for all types of arthritis
  • Including joint replacement and resurfacing
  • Travel insurance cover for mobility aids up to £2,500 (Silver, Gold & Platinum policies)

When you get a quote for arthritis travel insurance we will ask you a series of simple questions about your arthritis which will enable us to provide you with appropriate travel insurance cover for your holiday - It's very easy and will only take a few minutes.

Travel insurance cover for arthritis- Medical Screening

Arthritis is often excluded from cover by standard travel insurers so that they can keep their premiums low. Goodtogoinsurance.com is different- we can provide travel insurance for all types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, up to a very high level of severity.

If you suffer from arthritis, you can complete our easy medical screening process and we will make sure that you get appropriate travel insurance cover for your needs.

Arthritis Travel Insurance Cover and benefits

Our travel insurance for arthritis provides the following benefits and much more:

  • 24 hour medical emergency support
  • Medical expenses up to £10 million
  • Cancellation cover up to £5000 (Platinum Cover)
  • Personal property up to £3000 (Platinum Cover)

We recommend that you read the Policy Wording for full details of our travel insurance cover.

Travel insurance cover for Mobilty Aids and Loss of Medication

Goodtogoinsurance.com specialises in providing travel insurance for medical conditions, including arthritis, which means that we can provide additional travel insurance cover specifically tailored to the needs of travellers with arthritis, including:

  • Mobility Aids up to £2,500

Plus, if you have to undergo surgery abroad and need to stay in hospital for at least 5 days we will provide the following:

  • Cost of a recuperation holiday up to £750
  • Health examination when you return to the UK up to £500
  • Cost of employing a home help or nanny up to £300
  • Cosmetic surgery to correct damage caused by an accident on your trip up to £2500

Please read the Policy Wording for the full terms and conditions of this cover.

Please note: The additional medical expenses detailed are only available on our Silver, Gold and Platinum policies, not our Cruise Specific products.

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* Flexible cover. Trip changes? We'll change your single trip policy to match. The new dates must be within 12 months of the original issue date. If the new trip is for a longer period or to a different destination there may be an additional premium due to increased risk.